Black Work Studio strives to make your life easier with an honest straight forward and headache free approach to dealing with commercial artists.  We offer several types of services to help get your project completed professionally and in the least amount of time. Here some of various types of services we offer.

Web Design/Construction and Online Advertising

If you need a killer site that not only looks and functions great but also generates web traffic, then your search ends here. Black Work Studio has been creating some of the slickest totally custom sites on the web that will give your business a professionl look and help generate capital.

Black Work Studio's artists can help you build a traditional html site or a cutting edge PHP run CMS site and everytime in between. We can also construct Flash based sites and online ads. We not only build websites and online ads but also offer a wide range of print collateral options. Here are some of the types of services we can provide you with.

Graphic Design Work

We can layout and design your Business Cards, Stationary, Brochures, etc. and have them printed for you as well.  If your work has already been designed we can help you get it printed properly. All you would need to do is send us either a PDF file or any common image file ie. jpg. tif. or pds. file and we'll take care of the rest.

Whether you need business cards, postcards or flyers and you want them single sided or double sided in wide verity of custom sizes we can do it.

Preflight services

If you are unsure how to set up your work so that it is print ready, We can preflight your work to make it ready for the printing company. This means that We will compile your graphics, fonts in a print ready format with crop, bleed and safety marks to ensure your project is printed properly based on the layout you provide. 

Design services

If you need professional design services, no problem. We will layout your project in an attractive professional manner that is also print ready (preflighted). Just provide us with all image files i.e., photos, logos, etc. and the text to be used in your project.  We'll take care of the rest!

Raster to vector file conversions

Vector files are ideal for logos. Vector files can be scaled to any size an still hold up its integrity. This mean you can take a vector file the size of a postage stamp and scale it up to the size of a billboard and it will look exactly the same and there will be no pixellation. We can convert any raster file ie. jpg. tif. or pds. to an ai. or eps. file.

Illustration and logo design services

Custom made artwork can be created for all of your graphic design projects.  Works with some of the best commercial artists in the industry. You can feel confident that any illustration work that we create for you will be completed to the highest standards. We can either work from your sketches or create a completely original piece for you based on your ideas and needs.


All of services can be paid for using a credit card via and their secure server. A free press-ready proof can be provided for printed jobs once the payment is completed.

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